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Recently, the government bailed out the multimillionaire dollar companies that caused devastating financial problems for our nation. But what about the "little" guy? Will you and I see a bailout for our debt problems?

The truth is, those of us who are struggling under our increasing debt load -- we must engineer our own personal bailout. There's no government bailout for us.

If you are in serious debt... if you feel like you're drowning and need a life raft, this review is for you. We've taken five debt reduction programs (systems) and have rated them for you. When you are feeling desperate and need answers, time is of the essence. Hopefully this compilation will save you time and effort in your search for answers.

   Debtor's Secret Weapon 

best wrinkle cream starbest wrinkle cream starbest wrinkle cream star Debtor's Secret Weapon

Debtors Secret WeaponDebtor's Secret Weapon is definitely our "five star" top pick out of the five. This powerful 162-page manual is jam-packed with vital information that you need to get out of debt. Written by Chicago native, Ray Williams, this course answers many of the questions you have, plus answers to questions you never would have even thought to ask. In the ninety minutes it takes you to read the material, your debt questions will be answered. (more)

   Life Without Debt:
   Extreme Get Out of Debt Secrets

second best wrinkle cream

Our "four-star" pick is Life Without Debt: Extreme Get Out of Debt Secrets. Author G. Brent Riggs has over 20 years experience as a business owner, teacher, personal growth coach and mentor. He is a husband and father of six, and readily testifies to having crawled out of debt on numerous occasions.

His program came about as a result of his personal achievement of a life without debt and how wonderful that life has been. (more)

   Debt Free in Three System

third best wrinkle cream

Of the five programs that we reviewed, we chose Debt Free in Three System as our "three-star" choice. The founder and developer of the system is Clint Holland. The program came about because this husband and father of two was once deeply in debt (to the tune of over $200,000) and today is totally debt free. Now Clint wants to help others do the same thing. (more)

   Ultimate Debt Guide

As the "two-star" pick from the five, we selected the Ultimate Debt Guide. Scott Stephen, author and creator of the Ultimate Debt Guide claims to know a lot about debt. He says, "I've had the distinct pleasure of going through the debt consolidation process many times in my life and eventually had to declare bankruptcy on three separate occasions!"

Stephen understands the feeling of juggling credits cards, avoiding nasty creditors, repeating the same financial mistakes, and struggling to keep his head above water. He claims he got out of $63,000 of debt in only 4 months without filing bankruptcy or using any type of debt consolidation service! (more)

    Student Loan Assassin

We've rated this debt reduction book as a "one-star" mainly because it covers only a narrow range of debt reduction -- that of student loans. However, those individuals struggling under the weight of a massive student loan know this is no small thing. But again, it is a selective area, unlike the other four selections which offer a wide range of debt reduction solutions. (more)